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Our mission and values are deeply rooted in the notion that every job be done with an absolute passion for integrity and excellence. The disposition of our final product is the hallmark of our success, and we intend to do everything in our power to ensure it stays that way. Every completed project is another milestone under our belt, and relationships we build along the way are what makes us who we are; a company who is here to serve our customers and build some extraordinary projects along the way.


Our staff is made up of highly talented and motivated individuals who take pride in their work. Our company's roots were built upon a team of close family and relatives; and eventually voyaged to hiring a staff of a thoroughly dedicated and inspired team of employees as the demand for our services grew. Each one of our team members is exceedingly qualified at what they do, and constitute the structure of designers, fabricators, finishers, and installers of our crew. As  a whole, they make up all that is Woodworking by Design.


Getting started is as easy as a free consultation. Upon our initial discussion, we will schedule a time to meet with you in person at your residence or place of business; this is where we will conduct our preparatory assessment of your project. Upon gathering the preliminary information we need from you (scope of work, time table, budget, etc.) , we will be able to submit to you a first draft of your project design along with its appropriate pricing options. We have an inhouse cad/CGI designer to help you visualize your project beforehand, and to help you establish a better understanding of the design and materials used in your project (wood species, stains/colors, drawer/door panel design, moldings, etc.). We even have the ability to include stone  countertops, flooring, and backsplash visualizations to our photorealistic renderings. Once we get the design approval, and a  pre-discussed deposit; we will be on our way to manufacturing and installing the project of your dreams!

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